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About Us

Avemia USA, one stop shop for all you need.

Avemia USA is a growing distributor of digital surveillance systems and CCTV products includes video capture cards, CCTV cameras and accessories. Headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, we serve customers nationwide. Stocking almost every component for digital surveillance needs, from a small surveillance camera to complete Close Circuit Surveillance System, We provides a one-stop solution for the sourcing of surveillance equipment needs.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Avemia has been a true pioneer in the area of digital surveillance systems. Besides distributing the products, we also share our experience with customers. We have helped many wholesale customers to improve their digital surveillance business; we also regularly offer OEM options to them. Our advanced manufacturing facility in Southern China has both the experience and productive capacity to meet virtually all OEM CCTV manufacturing needs.


Budget Analyst

Receives management instructions as to growth and change goals for the coming period. Assembles necessary data on anticipated costs and desired benefits of management initiatives using internal data, industry and academic sources. Specifically includes study of financial requirements and possible sources, internal and external, of financing of business model modifications and major growth initiatives. Analyzes all relevant data. Prepares analytical reports and findings for management use. When authorized, prepares proposed budgets, both general and project-specific, to realize management plans, sometimes in the form of alternative budgets. May be designated to make presentations to possible sources of outside financing of projects. After budgets are adopted, continues as analyst of implemented projects, defining benchmarks to evaluate level of success. As directed, makes necessary mid-stream modifications to budgets to accommodate evolving business realities. At all stages, uses MIS and other internal resources to identify and flag possible cost savings and improved efficiency of supply chain.


1. EDUCATION: Bachelor Degree in Finance, Accounting or closely related

2. EXPERIENCE: 1 year of experience in the Job Offered as Budget Analyst, OR, Corporate Accounting as an alternative occupation

Submit resume at 1100 W. 10th St, Azusa, CA 91702 or Avemia USA, Inc. Attn: HR.

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